INTENTIONALLY CULTIVATES A GENUINE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD by humbly walking through life with God, talking and listening to God, and intentionally seeking to personally know him

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Signs You're Living It Out

  • The passion and practice of engaging God daily through Scripture
  • The passion and practice of engaging God daily through conversational prayer
  • Seeking God for wisdom, insight, and direction in all aspects of one's life
  • The daily bringing of both hardship and celebration to one's relationship with God

Spiritual Fitness Check

Sign Up for a free account to take a baseline Spiritual Fitness Check to find your starting point for the Relate to God module.

 Core Training

These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this module. Track your progress by checking off resources as you go.


Bible Study

This Bible study gives a holistic look through Scripture at the Relate to God module. Engage thought provoking questions for individual reflection and then discuss them in your Community Group or Spiritual Running Partner relationships.


Relate to God

Let’s be honest—a confession of sorts. We’ve been told to read our Bibles. Yes, we suspect there’s some wisdom to this, so we nod and agree, this is something we should do. But “should do” items are not the same... Read More


Relate to God

We’re tired of plastic religiosity. We are after the real thing and if the real thing is genuinely available we’ll drink deeply. This application exercise is a soul-satisfying experience if you want more of the real thing.... Read More


These resources are designed to accelerate your growth in this module.
One great way to cultivate a rich relationship with God is to set aside time on a regular basis to listen to his word to you through Scripture. Scripture Reading Plans are a great way to keep you motivated and offer a guided approach to reading through a variety of Bible books. Use these guides to read... Read More
As an individual, or with your Running Partners, spouse, or your entire Community Group, keep a prayer journal. Write and date prayers (both intercessory prayers as well as other types of prayer like adoration or thankfulness). Periodically read over past entries and look for answered prayers and new... Read More
by Ruth Haley Barton
With elegant writing and a personal touch, she covers the basics handily—the role of desire and longing in relationship with God, praying with scripture, and the need for solitude, self-examination, discernment and Sabbath. She concludes with an exercise that helps one develop a "rule of life," or... Read More

Mark 12:30 Love the Lord your God with all...

John 17:3 Now this is eternal life: that...

Read Passages

by John Eldridge
Reading the Bible without knowing the personality of Jesus is like watching television with the sound turned off. The result is a dry, two dimensional person doing strange, undecipherable things. But when we discover his true character-this man who made the wind, music and flying squirrels-suddenly all... Read More
by John Burke
“I didn’t know what to say.” “It seemed selfish.” “God didn’t talk back.” “Things never turned the way I hoped.” Have you ever wanted to quit prayer for reasons like these? This message is from a 4-part series tackles common questions about prayer - and offers helpful insights to... Read More
by John Burke
What is prayer? What is the point? John Burke shares on what this prayer thing is all about.